How does Hindi cinema read its newspapers

In Hindi cinema, the ubiquitous activity of reading newspapers has incidentally become a showcase of the diversity of the Indian print media. Some dailies have gone defunct, some still going strong. And some, are fictional.

Letters in Hindi films with beautiful handwritings

Charming love letters, curt chitthi announcing breakup, emotional requests, and blackmail bids — here’s a list of filmi letters with nice handwritings.

‘Mere taash ke tirpanve patte’ and other nicknames by Shatrughan Sinha in Kaala Patthar

Of the many things Yash Chopra’s Kaala Patthar (1979) is remembered for, Shatrughan Sinha’s fiery dialogues in the film remain its top highlight.

Bollywood and ‘mohabbat ke dushman gharwaale’ trope

Feuding families opposed to love birds is one of Bollywood’s oldest and most minted formulas.

Angry Bollywood bachche

What’s Hindi cinema without some seething, screaming, revenge-seeking filmi kids. A list of the hall of famers.

Bollywood films that end with a family/ group photo

A list of Hindi films that end with a family/ group photo being taken.

Do Bachche Dus Haath (1972): Of James Bond and other vintage foreign spy films

Do Bachche Dus Haath (1972) starring Mehmood Junior, Baby Pinky and dog Rexy makes a curious case of vintage foreign spy films appreciation.

The bad boys of Don (1978)

The bevy of baddies in Don are the quintessential ’70s Bollywood faces, whose presence elevates the thrill of watching this gloriously entertaining fare. One that remains the symbol of ultimate retro cool in Hindi cinema.

Inside Firoze Chinoy’s fabulously pulpy films

Firoze Chinoy made Shaitaan and Kashmakash, two eminently watchable thrillers from the era, which have earned him a small but dedicated following among genre loyalists.